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Moving swiftly through the forest floor, she tracked the stench of the rotting corpse. She did not slow even as the scent of wolves became stronger. Even though she had been in the place for some time, she had only the fighter and his protégé. Not wanting to cause trouble, she had stayed clear of their territory. But not tonight, tonight followed the fowl creature into their territory. He was her kill and no one else.
As she stepped forth into the wolves land, she heard growls and spied eyes surrounding her. She waved her hand, a light blue forming at her fingertips. The wolves advanced, leaping, jaws opened, sharp fangs pearly white. She slashed downward and swiftly brought it back up, ancient words muttered past her lips. The illusion fell. Her eyes scanned the surrounding area. She could feel his taint, his evil. The lesser vampire was hiding.

She leaped into the air, landing in a nearby tree, just as insects swarmed out of the ground. The vampire’s evil transforming them into venomous creatures. Her hand strayed to her side as she unclipped the vial. With swift accuracy she released it into the swarm of bugs. Fire erupted spreading quickly to kill the abominations. Their bite truly venomous and the taint of the vampire could be passed through. Leaving whomever the victim was to be used by the vampire. The fire didn’t last long, extinguishing itself after blazing for a few minutes, the insects no more.

She raced after him, eyes glowing red. Knowing his fate, he tried to delay her further with multiple illusions, layered on top of each other. She got through most, but her head swung around as the ground shook. She watched as twelve mounds bubbled up, like termite homes, black and red insects spilling from the spout.
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