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PostSubject: Valkoine    Valkoine  EmptyThu Jan 28, 2016 5:30 pm

Full Name: Valkoine ((Vall-COIN)) -meaning: 'White'.

Gender: Female

Age: 48 years

Race: Caucasian

Breed/Species: Shapeshifter (with human, wolf, & albino pig forms.)

Preferred Group: Rogue

Weight: v v v v
-Human Form: 149 Pounds.
-Wolf Form: 87 Pounds.
-Pig Form: 72.5 Pounds.

Height: v v v v
-Human Form: 6 ft 2
-Wolf Form: 21" Paw-to-Shoulder
-Pig Form: 11" Trotter-to-Shoulder

Oddly enough, like cooked bacon & incense, soaked in cheap perfume which smells sweet and tangy.


A fairly low, gruff voice for a female, with a gentleness to it. It is surly and expressive, almost sarcastic sounding. See:
As a reference; the white woman, scolding the girl's mother has a similar voice and appearance to Valkoine's human form.

Birth Date:
Born in her human form, on May 29th 1967 (she's 48)

Neutral Evil
Valkoine uses others as puppets for her enjoyment. She uses her powers and trickery in order to avoid boredom, at the cost of others.

 Besides her ability to Shapeshift at any time, Valkoine is also gifted with the ability to teleport, but only over short distances, and not from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa.
  Her teleportation ability is diminished if she is constrained.
  She cannot teleport in water.
Valkoine is also able to drain the life from victims, but at a slow rate depending on their strength, and only through an open wound. This is how she prevents herself from ageing.
Strengths & Weaknesses:
A full moon will enhance her powers, allowing her to transform, only on this night into any individual, any creature.
Valkoine meditates, and after a session, she is rejuvenated and her powers are honed.
She becomes more powerful when in contact with gold, hence why she adorns herself in the valuable substance, with arms covered in jewellery.

She does not age due to preying on the life essence of the young, through their blood, but this makes her vulnerable to disease. -Thus, she has trained herself in medicine.


Valkoine is infertile.


Valkoine is stuck in her Pig Form on a new moon, which is when she first discovered her powers, after transforming and nearly being killed by her own husband, from whom she is now separated.

-Not a supernatural power, Valkoine is extremely flirtatious and seductive in her nature, which she uses to her advantage.
  She is very intelligent, and rich, her wealth sprouting from her manipulation of others. She is savvy and patronising, often seeing others as pets or possessions, which means she gets very angry if her possessions are stolen, or try to get away, and will seek vengeance.

Fighting Class: Able

Valkoine is very tall, and just over 6 feet, with a slender and elegant frame, but a sharp, heavy jawline and boxy shoulders. Her skin is slightly worn-looking due to her age, and her thin lips conceal a set of straight, white, pristine teeth.
  She often adorns herself in expensive jewellery, including large rings for her long fingers and bangles, dangling earrings and necklaces, due to her apparent obsession for gold.
  She is well-kept, with wavy brunette hair which falls to her lower ribs. She usually wears dark, almost excessive eye make-up and glossy, claw-like fingernails, -which are always painted.
Valkoine  20090710

Valkoine  Maryan10

Valkoine's pig form:

19408508/3]Valkoine  350x7010

Valkoine's wolf form:
19408508/4]Valkoine  Blackw10

Valkoine's history is widely an untold story. Living in the wilderness, she has a large manor-like home in the city, but chose to live away from that place due to growing fear of her. She still must prey on youths, however, in order to remain young and strong.
 Valkoine lived normally as a rich business woman until she got her first taste of blood, pig's blood, one full moon when she was practicing sacrificial rituals, -just experimenting. Her soul was possessed forever by this pig, and an old shaman told her that, if she could use a wolfbane-coated arrow to pierce the heart of a predator or night, then she'd be saved. Killing a black and white she-wolf, Valkoine thought she'd be okay, but she only found that now, she was marked by the spirit of this animal, too.
 This would be the case for any animal she killed, or so she thought.
 Valkoine abandoned her whole normal life to live on the outskirts of home, preying on healthy victims to appease her need for revitalising blood. She uses her claw-like nails, tipped in gold playing to create an incision, before draining the victim, or uses the golden skeandu that her father bestowed upon her.
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PostSubject: Re: Valkoine    Valkoine  EmptyFri Jan 29, 2016 3:23 am

Hello and welcome to Kumari Smile

I enjoyed reading your biography and hope you'll find it enjoyable here. By all means if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and either myself (Cayden) or Blaze Nekishu will be there to assist you, you can also always go to our moderators, Charon and Eclipse Stellar if we're not approachable.

You're free to get in amongst the role-play, my advice, jump in head first!

- Cayden Nekishu.


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