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The supernatural beings of Kumari had lived in peace within their home since the time of it's founding; within reason, of course. Between pack disputes, kidnappings and the occasional demonic possessions nothing was ever out of the norm - until now.

A city named "Arkane(IB website©)" had once been ruled by a covenant of vampires named the Death-Reigns, but with the influence of a special forces government assignment they were subjected to registration and tagging. Failure to comply resulted in deaths and wars among the supernatural and the humans that lived in the lands.

The Oxen Corporations head quarters had been found under heavy attack until it was eventually eradicated and wiped from the city. But it was to no avail, the Corporation rebuilt and Project Dominion became a success, controlling the population of Immortals.

Now, The Oxen Corporation has begun work on a new branch just outside the borders of Kumari's very own main city, Muchani. They begun implementing the same systems to control our own population of supernatural beings and we need your help.

The government letter below was sent to all beings of supernatural capabilities.

Authorised by,
Senator Dawson
Security Devision,
Muchani City, Kumari.

Dear Muchani Citizen,

Today’s society has changed drastically from what the citizens of Muchani City have known and with these changes there have been the necessity for developments to our governing systems to ensure a safe and orderly community for one and all.

Current city security policies enforced by the government have been subject to revision and we would like to thank all citizens who have submitted feedback to the government in relation to the systems which have outlined your rights and responsibilities, medical aid, welfare and security. Upon reflection in the revision phase of this process the security sector has highlighted the requirement for the implementation to document the fluctuations of relative species other then homo sapiens in our species. Evidence collated in the release report 1:0562: Muchani City Demographic distribution and Effectiveness of City Security Laws show a significant rise by almost 46% in the immigration of species other then homo-sapiens. Supplementary city crime reports have reported an increase in crime committed by offenders of species other than homo-sapiens against homo-sapien citizens.

Existing policies and city legislation successfully regulate regular homo sapien citizens of muchani however other species have been able to immigrate into our society without compliance of the laws which Muchani enforces. In a drastic overhaul it is time that we as a government and collective society reclaim our city and ensure that all citizens are able to enjoy life knowing they are safe.

An integration period of six months will commence in one weeks time, introducing Muchani City’s new mutant tracking legislation (2015) and subsequent mutant tracking regulations (2015). These laws will outline the introduction and governance of several systems which aim to register variant species of mutants other than homo sapien similar to the existing citizen tracking legislation (1945) and corresponding regulations. All persons of full or partial species other than homo sapien will be required to register at one of the delegated centres as listed on the Muchani City website or newspaper. Each individual must complete the provided paperwork and will be issued with a new social security card and unique identifier number specifically assigned through a new mutant species classification form. Medical professionals at the appointed centres will mark each individual with their assigned unique identification number just below the right ear. From then on individuals of varying species will be able to access services adapted to their classification and identify the boundaries of control in regards to the use of abilities in general society in accordance with the new security measures to be implemented.

This is the first step in a progressive change in our security systems for Muchani City and we hope that all citizens are cooperative and exercise patience during this integration period.
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Please, stand and fight with us, freedom is our right.

Will you stand and help the citizens of Kumari, or stand against them and watch them fall? What ever you choose, your journey has led you here for a reason. just remember one thing - They will not come fall at the behest of Oxen easily, make sure the side you choose, is the side that wins.
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