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Slide North

The Northern Territories


    Kostas Territory
    This mountain resides at the very back of the Kostas Territory and at the very edge are the Ryoden Cliffs. Phala reaches the highest of altitudes, the air becomes thin as you reach the clouds. Within it resides the pack meeting place, Stone Circle. Throughout the year snow covers the top. A rare type of sheep lives up at the top of this mountain. They are rare and a prize if caught; their wool sells for a high price. The Whisper River runs through here.

    Kostas Territory
    Just inside the borders, a small waterfall cascades down a cliff that hangs low off the Phala Mountain into a large pool where the current slows; making this a perfect spot for swimming. The current at the top of the falls is swift and deadly, hazardous boulders and sharp rocks lay hidden beneath the rapids. Jumping from the top is not advised because the water is not as deep at the base as it is in the middle of the pond. Behind the base of the falls there is a cavern, where it leads to who knows.

    Kostas Territory
    This is a hunters paradise. The Clearing is found to East of the Glisan Forest, on the edge of Phala Mountain. Deep within the lands. All of the grazing animals come here in the morning and early evening. This is the best spot by far with in the territory to take down a meal. White Tailed deer, Ground Hogs and Squirrel are most commonly found in the Meadows.

    Kostas Territory
    The Crisithian Delta has weaved its way North towards the pack lands, cutting through the land and making way for The Rayoden Cliffs on either side raisng a hundreds of miles above to cut between the Kostas Border and The Outlands. Jagged edges and slippery slopes make it a treacherous journey down to The Avada River below. There are a few safe places to climb down if you can find them. Otherwise enjoy the view, this is your last stop until you have made it into the Kostas Pack lands if you can make it through the gorge and rushing river below.

    Kostas Territory
    The lake connects to the ocean through the Andalusian stream on the outskirts to the East of the Tresiam Clearing. It's wide mouth provides a deep cavernous bottom filled with fish. The perfect place for fishing salmon or playing in the water. Beavers often build damns to cut off the water than runs from the stream and make a quick snack for a hungry wolf; but being excellent swimmers, its best to catch them off guard.

    Border Territory
    This area is just across the Kostas Border. Stepping foot here means you are likely to be chased away or killed by Cor Lupis. The Valley is wide open, meaning you're likely to be spotted without any trees to get in the way. If you are small enough the long blades of grass can conceal you in the summer, but do not be fooled, this border is patrolled multiple times a day for intruders. Do not make the mistake of thinking trespassers get out without a scratch.
  7. KESEL

    Border Territory
    Bordering Ashmere the forest dissipates into lush long grasses and smaller river veins. Lengthy in landscape the area is exposed to strong winds and has little coverage of trees. By the river edge long reeds prevent natural erosion and become a perfect area for small fresh water lobster, fish and amphibians. The long, rolling grasses are the perfect place for antelope to roam the area, grazing in times of autumn and spring when grass is green and plentiful. Summer, Kesel fades quickly, Grass drying and the river falls to dust. During winter months Kesel can be described as a soft white blanket, often so thick with snow it becomes a white desert.
The Northern Territories

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Slide East

The Eastern Territories


    Sullen Desert
    Unclaimed Territory
    The desert lies in the centre of the established Kumari Lands; legend has it that this barren landscape was once beautiful and lush with life when a goddess and her family lived here. However a storm came and destroyed her home and her beautiful family, taking their lives and leaving her to mourn. Due to her mourning the once beautiful land turned barren and unforgiving to all who enter it. Only a few times a year does water ever touch the scorching sand quenching the thirst of the few animals that have adapted to the climate. These animals include various lizards, snakes and small hopping mice that can be as a small treat to quench hunger of a small wolf.

    Crisithian Delta
    Unclaimed Territory
    Many streams and rivers have come together to form this large delta that travels through the lands. This Delta supplies many of the area with water. This includes the desert in which a few oasis are supplied with an underground water source. Beware of the Rayodin Cliffs, if you manage to climb it's steep and torturous way you will find yourself on Kostas Pack Lands.

    Glisan Forest
    Claimed by Charon.
    The Forest Surrounds Phala Mountain, protecting the Kostas Pack Lands and the animals that call it home. It can be dangerous for those who do not know their way, one wrong turn could send you further away from your destination. Odins Temple is located deep within this forest; Easier to find than the temple, Charon's Den is also located within this forest. Though it may be easy to find, visitors aren't all too welcome. You'll have better luck staying at the Temple; at least you'll live to see another day.

    Unclaimed Territory
    Densely wooded forest founded from rich soft soil matter thick from the volcanic ground. Flora within the area consists of large native oak trees as well as old fir trees which have been left behind since the collapse of a plantation company. over time the seeds had washed over the forest landscape through natural effect and these have invaded the natural ecosystem. The forest floor is covered by a dense scape of ferns and native flowers which bring vibrant color in spring. located between Kesel and Hawkskin, Ashmere was once the location of the Tatauran village.

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Slide West

The Western Territories


    Unclaimed Territory
    Here many different types of willows have been planted. Whether by human hands or unnatural, it is yet unknown; but what is known is that these are the oldest trees in the land. Very sacred as well. If one listened closely they will hear the stories of old. A spell has been cast upon these trees centuries ago that makes all who come here feel nothing but serene; weapons are forbidden in this land.

    Nayati Territory
    This dense forest is filled with giant sequoia trees that have been there for centuries. It is almost impossible to see the tops of them and their trunks range from five to fifteen feet wide. The forest spans out for over 100 miles and has small streams running through it that are perfect for catching small fish or just stopping to have a drink. Deep in the center of the forest you will find the Giloa Tree, but only pack members know where the tree is.

    Nayati Territory
    Located around the North-Western bend of the Sequoia Forest is the Lochness River. Like most of the bodies of water within Kumari, the Loch branches from the Cristhian Delta. The water in the river is fast with large rapids that could drown even an adult wolf. Trees surround the river making it so that it is always cast in a dark shade. The water is murky and dark and is not something you would want to drink out of. Many animals come through this area and is a great place to hunt; but be careful! Sometimes hunters come out here to catch a large buck so always be aware of your surroundings in this dark place.

    Nayati Territory
    Located nearest the top in the lower north West region of the dangerous Backbone Mountain peak hides a beautiful waterfall surrounded by pools of water. The unique climate here heats the water creating natural hot springs that anyone can enjoy. The trek to get to this beautiful place is quite dangerous but it is a good way to build strength, speed and endurance. In the peaks of the mountains also lays many caves where a wolf could stay the night. On some clear nights some people have sworn that they have seen aurora borealis lights, also known as northern lights, that range from all different colors.

    Unclaimed Territory
    Not a ray of sunshine ever touches the floor in this ominous forest, bordering the Nayati Pack Lands. The trees are wide at the trunk and are so tall, not even the canopy can be seen. A hundred feet up, the rest of the tree is shrouded in shadow; a branch is seldom seen. However, there is a curious dim white light that illuminates the floor of the wood. Lones can rest assured when they step foot in this forest and are not upon owned territory; but beware for if you step any further you will surely find yourself on Nayati border lands. Deeper within the Wood lies the Swamps of Lost Souls.
The Northern Territories

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Slide South

The Southern Territories


    Cannot be Claimed.
    Muchani isn't like your normal city, although, does anyone really know their city? Around every corner something is lurking, buildings hide more than meets the eye and if you step into the wrong part of town you'd better put your dukes up or you'll find yourself in the gutter.

    Unclaimed Territory
    A coastal area which stretches along approximately 25 kilometers of shoreline. The sections of Basalt rock terrain are treacherous and often uninhabitable, were once used as protector lookouts as well as area's of worship of the Tatauran Tribe. The beach below is laden by soft white crystal sands which fades to black towards the basalt rock as evident of an old volcanic eruption. The landscape is shaped in such a way that small caves do exist but are subject to tidal flow. On the east side of Hawkstin there is a small merchant port which serves as a set down area and provides protection for traveling ships.

    Unclaimed Territory
    The journey to the top of the volcano is shrouded in ash and debris. Though the volcano has not erupted in many a year, dust clouds shoot from it's peak in a never ending fog. The heat at the top is stifling. Some say that this volcano is the cause for Illiaras destruction and that the campers were a cover up... Who knows.

    Unclaimed Territory
    What's left of this forest is less than beautiful. Mortal hunters set up camp in this once beautiful place; however, their camp fire spread when they were out hunting, igniting the entire place. The forest never regained it's former beauty, instead it is replaced with an ominous darkness. White ash falls from the ever producing Volcano that shadows the trees here, creating a thick blanket. No prey comes here, only a few predatory birds. This is the border lands of the Nayati wolves. Tread carefully.

    Unclaimed Territory
    Crystal clear blue waters as far as the eye can see. Exotic trees line beach sand dunes, creating a perfect spot to rest and cool off. Just beyond the sandbar that lines the beach there is a coral reef that flourishes with life and also houses a wondeous mystery of nature, Hallucination Isle. Traveling down the beach a ways you will find cliffs that tower treacherously over your head and are so named Dragons Roar.

    Border Territory
    Black mountains, creating the Western Border of the Kostas Pack lands where it meets the East border of the Nayati Pack lands. Pack feuds often occur here for a territorial claim. The mountains resemble the backbone of a curled up creature. Deep gorges are the only entrances. The land inside is flat with the exception of hidden crevasses. There is another range with an easy to climb cliff face with many caves at the half way point.

    Unclaimed Territory
    These caves are ancient and weave deep within the Backbone Mountains. The limestone has been eaten away so that there are a few holes in the ceiling, making rays of light filter in in the daytime, and giving a view of the night sky when it gets dark. Deep within in these caves, glow worms litter the walls and give the illusion of the night sky; one must be careful for staying too long in these caves. the beauty can seclude you and take away your mind. This land is unclaimed.

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