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PostSubject: Mannix   Mannix EmptyMon Jan 25, 2016 8:09 am

Mannix Blues_brothers_2000_elwood_1


Race: Lycan. Often a loner

Gender: Male

Age: 74 looks late thirties early forties

Birth Season: text here

Height: five foot seven inches

Weight: one hundred and twenty pounds

Length: four foot

Voice: Quiet, but firm

Scent: Dusty

Alignment: Good

Father: Unknown (Wont say)

Mother: Unknown (Wont say)

Mate/Partner: Single

Children: None

Mannix 2yoop3b

Give us a good description of your character's personality; can include what they like/dislike, strengths/weaknesses, what they fear.

Mannix is more of a serious type, but he is prone to bouts of practical jokes if he feels comfortable enough around the people he is with. He dislikes confrontation, but refuses to be backed in to a corner, and will fight if he has to. He loves food, well, who doesn't?

His biggest fear is losing control again, and even after all this time he has only allowed a change three times... it doesn't come easy. His strength and his weakness are his friends, a small select group he will do anything for, even at the cost of his own life.

Apart from the normal Lycan abilities he has an excellent ability with guns, mainly his old sniper rifle he has kept from his days with Lycan hunting and law enforcement. He was well known back in the human days to hit his mark without a second thought, and little time taken to aim

The problem with this is that he has neglected his physical strength, so he isn't as strong as others, nor quite as fit. He is an old boy after all.

When Mannix was human and before he knew of vampires and werewolves he was employed as a sniper. He was dammed good at his job. He never missed a target. His tales within MI5 reached to the FBI, who wanted him, and to his surprise MI5 agreed. So he was shipped over, doing what he did best against some of the best..... they never stood a chance.

It was after 3 months did he have his first super natural encounter. A vampire, but he didn't know that yet, all he knew was this was a target that was extremely quick. Most of the time he wasn't able to keep the person in his sights. This was the only target he couldn't hit. He took it hard and left his job, the role he had spent years honing in to a fine art and went back home to England, to his little corner in the south west to think about the things that had happened.... that person.

A few years later he had befriended a strange man, who looked young but would often talk about things from over three hundred years ago. Hid name was Draycon. Odd but fun to be around these two became close friends. It was also this strange man that answered the question of why Mannix couldn't keep that person in his sights, but at the time Mannix wouldn't believe it.

One night however, Mannix vanished, for years he seemed to simply fall off the face of the earth. Truth be told he had explored the super natural world, become a vampire hunter with a reputation that spread over the globe for his skills with the rifle, and finally after ten years he retired from hunting altogether. None know why he quit it, he simply did, or he did something he wasn't proud of, but he wont say.

What happened was that he lost his humanity, a devastating barrage of claw slashes down his back was all it took for him to become one of the things he had hunted down for so long. A Lycanthrope. Something he still struggles with all this time, mostly because of how he seemed to attack people he called his friends after the first change.

He emerged finally, after years of hiding, somewhere... unexpected. The wolf pack he had been spotted at before, but he didn't really fit in all that well, so, he left. He wasn't gone long however. He's back again, the old dog still has a few pages in his book of life to write.
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