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Downtown Slide



    Business Unclaimed.
    The club is not yet claimed by a playing character, there for is owned and operated by NPC's until such a time as someone claims the business. It has four levels and ranges in all kinds of music, accompanied by two bars serving any alcoholic beverage, or soft drink for those designated drivers; And a lounge on each floor. We do hire a few people who are not apart of our pack and backpackers may work also. Strangers and friends welcome but they must succumb to the rules and guidelines.

    Business Unclaimed.
    This is an 80 Story, 5 Star hotel located on the outskirts of the city over looking the Evergreen Park and Olive Beach. It can be claimed by a playing character as their business, but as of yet remains unclaimed, there for belongs to NPC's until such a time. Inside it has a gym, a small club, a pools area with several spas, serving a buffet breakfast every morning. Each fully furnished hotel room, has a small kitchen, a lounge room and a bed room. You can choose an outer more glorious room with a balcony, or an inner one with a spa bath. Put your feet up and glamorous. The Gym and The Pool

    Cannot be claimed.
    A place with no real name known to the working man, this is where the baddest of the bad come to do business, whether that be entertainment in debauchery or exchanging an offer not to be refused, it was nicknamed Broadway for the likes of which you’ll never find a more blatant show of criminality in the continent. Here there is no kingpin, no leader but rather a coalition of criminal organizations who all agree that despite their feuds, above all the law is to be kept at bay and so look to maintain some small want for control of the underground haven for thugs and thieves.

    Cannot be claimed.
    Hidden away from prying human eyes, in the back of their very own human hospital, it specializes in mythical creatures. You will surely find a cure for what ails you here.

    Unclaimed Building.
    A place to conduct experiments. It may be used to simply keep documents or for conducting wild experiments for anything from enhancing your powers to making remedies for healing.

    Cannot Claim.
    Do you feel as though there is something missing from Kumari? Perhaps there is a board that you think would work great with the site! Maybe you'd like to request a board/ territory/ business or place of residence for your character, or claim an already existing board; even if it doesn't benefit anyone else on the site besides you, as a creator - then that is your entitlement and a legacy you can leave in Kumari. Step inside the doors and stake your claim.

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Muchani Slide

The Muchani City


    Cannot be Claimed.
    Formed centuries ago by a band of warlocks and their black magick, originally used as a Colosseum for The King to watch his prisoners fight and plead for their lives and ranks amongst gladiators. Still used today by the ancient 'witherbeards'. Though, now used for training in many areas of magick and battle weapons. Ein'Fil High School and The Battle Grounds are located here.

    Cannot be claimed
    The hustle and bustle of the Muchani city. This is where the night life happens; you'll find all you need in the way of commercial districts here. From 80 story Hotels, to dirty old Inns and Realtor to Taverns. If you want to meet some new faces or make a life of your own, this is the place to visit.

    Unclaimed Business.
    Much like a small hotel, it is filled with many guest rooms, has a downstairs kitchen with an all day buffet ranging from breakfast to dinner. It has a small bar beside the function room of the restaurant, serving only from a small assortment of light drinks.

    Unclaimed Building.
    There are many myths that surround the old squat building as to how it got it's name. The windows contain cracked wood boards with various things spray painted onto them. Across the old red door are a few large planks, blocking easy entry. The cross above the church is missing altogether, and the angel above the door has been rudely painted. Inside, a few old wood benches sit with a small bench and post at the head. Above it is a large broken window that grants entrance to unwanted creatures. Muchani Cemetery surrounds around the Church.
  5. WAREHOUSE 347

    Unclaimed Building.
    An old derelict warehouse sits at the back of a large property at the harbor, once used by famous companies as a wool factory the building has long since stood alone, damp and dreary. Bought by Hunter, 374 is now a small community of the less fortunate banded together to form a gang. The reputation is bad but those who live within can shed light on the true meaning behind warehouse 374.

    Business owned by Blade Wolf Blackthorne
    This tavern is known for the black market trades that go on. If anyone asks you were not here and you never saw them. It is positioned right at the waters edge. Most of the more rare items can be found here, including drugs. Cops tend to stay away from this area so not to cause more problems with the locals. Otherwise the murder rate might increase. Keep your wits about you here.

    Cannot be Claimed.
    Trees outline most of the park, splattered in small group everywhere. There is a pathway that takes you for a scenic walk around ponds, streams and small waterfalls flowing from different levels of ground. Wildflowers grow in gardens around. In the center is a large football field where you can set up and take part in any recreational activities you might like.

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